What is a reading with Lynda Jane like?

Each reading session is individual and unique. Together we will explore any aspect of your life that is not aligned with your highest purpose. That journey may take a variety of pathways, which are determined by our spirit guides working together for your greatest benefit.

There may be proof of existence, laughter, practical life mentorship, connection with friends and loved ones already passed to the spirit world, healing, historical reference, prediction or a combination of all these phenomena.

Whatever you need to hear, will be communicated thoroughly and clearly with integrity beyond what you may expect. If it is beneficial to you, I must share it, as I promised I would.... and it will be the truth you need to know.

With Love.

Can I have a long-distance reading?

Yes, Lynda Jane offers international readings via skype, facetime, phone as well as in person in North Vancouver, BC.

60 minutes : $150