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Lynda Jane Selina

Psychic Medium + Mentor

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A natural born medium, Lynda Jane has used her astonishing communication skills and surprisingly deep understanding of the spiritual realm for decades, to bring clarity to those in need of strength and guidance. Originally from England, she moved to Canada in 2002 and continued the spiritual work she had begun earlier.

Lynda Jane works on the international platform regularly and has also led many successful development circles and classes, from beginner to advanced level, both open and closed and works closely with spiritualist churches in the Vancouver area.

An accomplished teacher, mentor, psychic medium and channeller, Lynda Jane continues to host a variety of readings, healing sessions, energetic clearings and psychic development classes, in both private and group settings.


I am continually thrilled and humbled to have my classes being passed on to others via the many beautiful souls I have mentored, who have worked so hard to become acclaimed holistic practitioners throughout the lower mainland; from psychics and intuitives, all the way through to teachers of various modalities with their own students!

A Short List Of My Successful Students Currently In Practice...

  • Natalie Miles – The Spirit Upgrade

  • Keita Thomas - Psychic Keita

  • Mari Omori -Trillium Healing Path

  • Javia Selina - Readings By Javia

  • Karen Wickerson - Energy Therapy for Animals

  • Holly Workman - Minervas Circle

  • Linda Bailey - Soul Blessings Holistic Practices

  • James Eisner - James Eisner

  • Sarah Jansen - Hands On Heart Reiki

  • Nicole Pettitclerc - Nicole Pettitclerc Miracle Worker

  • Mike Alford - Shaman


How did I discover and develop my psychic abilities?

Throughout my life, even as a small child, I have enjoyed varied and profound visions and “metaphysical” experiences. I have hung out with spirit for decades. They are my best buddies. I truly love and appreciate them all.


I clearly recall every single experience from my otherwise difficult childhood, as they belonged to my funny, sparkly life and held me, against the odds, in constant happiness. Sadly, as many gifted children are, no matter how accurate my predictions and offerings were, my perplexed family tried their best to silence me, to help me be normal and “fit in”.........

The problem was of course I already fit in perfectly and was loved and nurtured beautifully... By my spirit friends! The peace and joy in my life was right there and I couldn’t give it up. It was just too lovely!! So I continued to share with anyone who would listen... I must have driven my poor Mum crazy!

I was fully 10 years old when I finally realized that not everyone could see, sense and understand the unusual things that made simple sense to me. I recall feeling horribly sad for everyone else, wondering where they found their happiness and how they filled their days and nights without wonderful friends taking them on amazing adventures of learning, such as mine did.

I remember thinking “While I’m dancing on the moon at 2am, what do you do? Stay in bed and sleep or something? How sad!”

I’ll skip my “I’m too cool for this so I’m ignoring it” teen years and move on..... because I really still paid attention; just with 1 ear and one eye for a while.... My attention was firmly fixed on music, clothes and boys... no surprise!

3 weeks after my 17th birthday, I met the boy who was to be my husband and father to my 4 lovely children, who have all grown into wonderful, mediums themselves.

I had a lovely best friend, John who lived next door to me as a young teenager. We got along so well, were the same age and did fun things together. He was an exceptionally kind, gentle and sweet soul. As young people do, we drifted apart and I didn’t see him for 4 years....

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When we were both 22 Mum told me he had died.... horribly. I had no idea. How could I be so closed? I was so disappointed in myself... And then I remembered how blessed I had been as a child... I was determined to pick up where I had left off and make things right.

One day, I walked into my bathroom and saw the spirit of an angry tortured man looking out of the window, facing away from me, fists clenched in rage. He was so absolutely clear, it shocked me rigid. I had never experienced spirit rage before. It is very powerful!

I backed out of the room, gathered myself, waited a moment stuck out my chin determinedly and marched back into the bathroom, determined to give this fellow a piece of my mind.....

It was John. He was so distraught and I had no idea how to help him. That day changed my life. I had to learn how to help those who were bound to earth. To bring peace to those who had been lost somehow. After all, if John was lost, there must be many others too.

And so my unusual adult life began....