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Private Mentorship

In Psychic Development with Lynda Jane Selina

Psychic development mentorship sessions with me, are a series of beautiful, awakening experiences, open to anyone who is truly drawn towards spiritual expansion. Available in-person, or internationally via phone or skype.

My aim is to find and nurture your natural gifts and enhance your ability to use them, to help you move through life in serene joy. To help you identify your authentic self.

There are many kinds of ‘smart”. Everyone is unique; I find your most efficient learning style, therefore all individual tuition is customized to your greatest gifts and potential for growth.

You are welcome to work with me as long as you wish. There is no obligation beyond our initial agreement.

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Why would I take psychic mentorship anyway?

I’d love to show you how meaningful and supportive life can be once you begin to truly connect with your Spirit Guides as the ultimate teachers. As the veil begins to dissipate, you will see and feel clearly, what your soul purpose is at last!

This precious journey is without doubt varied and challenging, yet the rewards are tremendous for yourself, your loved ones and the spirit hands that guide us with pure truth.

You’ll rid yourself of that feeling that you need to be ‘better” than you think you are. You’ll begin to embrace your perfect imperfection. Your spirit guides are always present, They have laughed with you, laughed playfully AT you, worried for you and held gentle space for you as you when you’ve needed it, with love and determination....   They are your ultimate cheerleading squad and never give up on you.

Prepare for lots of laughter as they lead you, with a wry sense of humour and their own special way of praising your successes.

I am blessed with an unusually clear channel to the spirit world. I realized many years ago that because of my gifts, I can truly make a difference.

And so.....Here I am, just a click away!

2 hours private tuition : $200

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Cancellations, missed appointments, no shows & late arrivals
Please Note: No refunds will be issued for cancellations made within 48 hours of your booked appointment time. This prevents me from being able to offer your spot to others on the waitlist.

Cancellations and no-shows will be charged the full session amount. In the event of cancellation, I will do my best to reschedule your appointment.

For late arrivals, your appointment will be shortened to the scheduled end-time if there is another session booked immediately following.