"Lynda's readings have been illuminating and authenticated by knowledge of my journey only intimate friends know.
She has made a difficult loss more meaningful and supports my refocusing on a soulful journey. 
Lynda has also helped me develop my own psychic abilities and I look forward to working with her in the future. She is a brilliant, kind and generous soul."

- Margot, Vancouver, Canada

"I had a reading with Lynda, it was my first time. I have to say, it was incredible how spot on she was with reading me! It, was truly one of the coolest thing that I have done. I left there with a sense of direction and knowledge of my past, and my future. Thank you, so much for sharing your gift with my daughter and me."

- Katrina, Washington, USA


"Sometimes a good card reading is equally as good as a therapy session. Thank you Lynda! I'm ready for what life throws at me this year... or at least until the next card reading :)

I highly recommend this woman!"

- Stephanie, Vancouver, BC